Bargaining Team Update

April 8, 2020

The WLEA board met yesterday, and as part of that meeting we voted on the 5th member of your 19/21 bargaining team. I am pleased to announce that Dave Marquardt will be joining the team.

I appreciate the high level of interest from all of you that put your name forward to be chosen by your peers.

The 2019/2021 team will consist of Dan Restrepo, Troy Larsen, Dan Miller, Dave Marquardt, Attorney Chris MacGillis, and myself.

We were scheduled to begin talks with the state on April 9th on the master contract. Those talks have been postponed due to COVID-19 concerns. This does not change the desire to have the 19/21 contract ratified and waiting for the legislature in January of 2021.

In the interim, we have requested to meet with management representatives to discuss the JLA’s that were approved as part of the 17/19 package. The 17/19 master contract along with the JLA’s are in full force and effect during this lull.

Stay safe,

Chad Thompson

WLEA President

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