Blood Donors Needed

Greetings, I know that many of us have varying degrees of concern right now with the potential exposure of COVID-19. I would like to take a moment to speak with those of you who may be on the low end of concern. Whether that’s due to being low risk, or generally a low stress person. Please consider using a part of your WLEA contract to help your fellow Americans. Under 10/12/1 of our contract, “Employees who donate blood shall be allowed reasonable time off in pay status to donate blood at the closest blood center to his/her work unit. Employees who donate blood for the purpose of aphereris donations will be released from work and continued in pay status during their scheduled hours of work for the time needed to make said donation.” The American Red Cross was facing a massive shortfall of blood across the nation, luckily people have been donating to help offset this need. Still, they need people to continue the effort. It is my understanding that the American Red Cross has taken extra efforts to diminish the risks of catching COVID-19 when you donate. They have a full and extensive list showing how they’re doing that on their website. So please, if your able and willing, consider helping out! Thank you,

Dan Restrepo WLEA Vice President

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