Bargaining Team Vote Results

I would like to congratulate Troy Larsen and Dan Miller. Both of these WLEA members will be representing all of us on the next bargaining team. The team currently consists of Chad Thompson, Troy Larsen, Dan Miller, Dan Restrepo, and one yet unfilled spot to be selected by the WLEA Board. If you have suggestions for areas to improve our contract please do not hesitate to reach out to anyone on the bargaining team. I would have liked to make the announcement at the annual meeting, unfortunately we still do not have a new date, or manner of meeting selected. Thank you to all of you who took time out of your day to vote. The totals for each nomination are as follows Troy Larsen: 96 Dan Miller: 41 Jack Aupperle: 27 Mike Knowlton: 26 David Marquardt: 17 Lauren Christian: 16 Joseph Youngblood: 14 Dillon Larsen: 10 Ethan Rehberg: 9 Anthony Martin: 5 Christopher Caldwell: 5 Dan Restrepo WLEA Vice President

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