Contract & Pay Update (3/9/20)

The Joint Labor Agreements (JLA) and pay scale went into effect on March 1st. Deputy HR Director Diane Whitehead confirmed today that the back pay will be paid out on March 26th.

The JLAs and updated WLEA contract are posted in the 'Contract Info' tab above.

There are a couple that items that will need to be ironed out by management in the near future.

  • OT lists will now be a combined call out for everything except OWI, CIOT, and MCSAP.

  • 1.50/hr add-on pay. There currently is not a way for us to code that. The Sgts will most likely be stuck hand keying this in. It is an add-on. This means it is a straight 1.50/hr even if those hours are being paid out as overtime. Meaning this doesn’t adjust to 2.25/hr if the hours are normal OT.

  • Supervisors do not currently get the add on pay if they ask. It was in the non rep comp plan but was eliminated at the 12/18/19 JCOER hearing.

If there was OT that was already called for, I think that is OK if it was correctly called for under the previous agreement.

The union has already emailed DOA and HR to inform them that we are ready to begin meeting for the 2019-2021 contract. An email was recently sent out looking for WLEA members who may want to join the 19-21 team. The WLEA President and Vice-President are automatically on the bargaining team. Provided I am nominated and re-elected, I will be there again. VP Dan Restrepo will be there by nature of his WLEA office.

Chad Thompson

WLEA President

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