Contract Update (2/28/20)

Greetings, We would like to update you on the current status of our contract. We have spoken to DPM, and are working on all avenues to reach an agreement as soon as possible. As of today, we are waiting to hear back from the Governor’s Office on how they want to proceed with the TA (tentative agreement). We hope to have more information soon, and will continue to share it as more comes in. Please check back frequently for more updates (see below).

2/28/2020 Update

Governor Evers signed our new contract into law at 2 pm today.

2/21/20 Update

On February 19, 2020, the Wisconsin Senate unanimously voted 33-0 to pass our new contract. The following day, the Wisconsin State Assembly also unanimously voted 99-0 to pass it. The last step is for Governor Evers to sign it into law. Our new contract will be bundled with other bills for him to sign.

2/12/20 Update

The JCOER committee met today and unanimously voted 8-0 to approve the TA. It will be attached to a companion bill and introduced in the near future for the legislature to ratify. Once it passes the legislature, it will be sent to Governor Evers to be signed into law.

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2/3/20 Update

Below are the results from our Tentative Agreement vote:

91% approved

3% rejected

0% abstained

6% did not vote

As you can all see this TA passed with an overwhelming majority. Despite that, I would like to apologize to all of you for the short time allotted to this vote. I along with the other members of the WLEA bargaining team had hoped to leave this vote open for an extended amount of time. Especially after the short turn around on the last vote. Unfortunately the reality of our current position did not allow for this to happen. I hope that you all can understand the tight time line we are currently under to have this passed before JCOER and our legislators are out of session.

To those of you who voted while off duty, thank you for your commitment to our contract, and your fellow members. To the rest of you, thank you for your understanding.

Finally congratulations to all of you for an approved TA, and we hope to have more (and hopefully good) news in the coming weeks.

1/30/20 Update

The bargaining team has reached an agreement for our contract. We hope to have an email to all eligible members by tomorrow. Chad Thompson, Troy Larson, and I will be at the WLEA office tomorrow. Our goal is to be available for phone calls and questions. We ask that you coordinate with fellow members so that we can answer questions in groups. While this isn’t where our last TA had us, it is a huge step forward. For those of us with less than 10 years on, this contract more than makes up for the lower wages. For those of you with more that 10 years on, we have gotten you closer to where you would have been, and are teeing you up for a better round of bargaining. Next round will begin almost immediately after signing by the governor. Our goal is to have the next contract settled by January 2021. Basic information on this TA: 7 year grid Starting pay $23.73 Top pay $34.42

There is lump sum back pay based off of recruit classes. We will have numbers available tomorrow. The language will remain the same as the previous TA.

1/27/20 Update

We met with the state on Friday. They presented us with a new offer for the wage structure. I look at this offer as one of two parts. Part two will be worked on after we complete this step.

Earlier this afternoon I sent DPM the WLEA counter to their Friday offer. I am hoping that this will speed the process along. We meet again with DPM/DOA this Thursday starting at 11 am. We are ready to work with the state and bring this part of the process to an end. I will provide a further update when we have concluded Thursday’s session.

1/24/20 Update

An update on bargaining. Sadly the state did not come prepared to bargaining. We were held on standby for a majority of the day. The offer that was presented has possibilities but is not where we need to be. We will continue to work and be back to bargaining with the state on Thursday.

1/17/20 Update

The bargaining team will be meeting with DPM on 1/24/20 from 10a-3p to discuss the contract.

1/15/20 Update

Today we met with legislative members; including Vos. He was very personable, and wanted to stress his respect and appreciation for us as an agency. He was curious about what we do as an agency beyond basic traffic stops. Vos was very aware that the mood has changed, especially with the northern sheriffs in Wisconsin, that we’re needed and appreciated. These conversations today made several items clear to us. First, the old TA compensation plan is dead. That’s not the language, just the compensation plan. Second, we will be able to work two back to back high single digit percentage increases to offset this.

Our current goal is to pass a new TA, have it pass JCOER and the state legislature, then immediately going back to bargaining and getting the next TA ready for JCOER to vote on January of 2021. We are working on getting this through as soon as possible. We will update you as more information comes down the line.

1/9/20 Update

Yesterday members of the bargaining team met with DPM and WSP. While we can not share the specifics of the discussion, you should know that we are working diligently to get this contract settled as soon as possible. We are working on alternatives to offset the large financial hit many are currently feeling. Our goal is to stay the course on our wages. We know where we need to be, and are working to get there. We may not get there on this contract, but we will stay the course and get there in the coming contracts. We have been pushing and will continue to push to get our members to where they should be.

1/3/20 Update

We have a tentative meeting date of 1/7/20 with DPM. I stress that this meeting is tentative. We will provide more information when we have it.

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