Bargaining Update (11/14/19)

I have been told that DPM is starting to meet with JCOER for “pre-brief” meetings today. These are closed door meetings that leadership of DPM has with individual members of the committee. I am also told that there is more time set aside for meetings on Monday and Tuesday next week.

There is as of today, no date set for the formal committee meeting.


There have been 36 members of the division to date that have emailed their reps and let the WTA know that they have sent the requested information. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE. It will take you 5 minutes to use Zukowski’s template to “write” your letter and one more minute to figure out who your rep is and then send the actual email to the representative and bcc Zukowski.

There is a spreadsheet being maintained of these legislative contacts. With only 36 emails there are HUGE numbers of representatives who have not been contacted.

If you have not signed up for the WTA newsletter please go to the WTA website and do so. If you already have and have not received the email from the WTA please reach out to one of us so that it can be sent to you.

Chad Thompson

WLEA President

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