WTA Update/Email Campaign

DSP Sworn,

Thank you for staying informed. I understand how important this contract is to you, your family, and the future of the WSP.

It is unlikely our contract will be taken up at JCOER this week. It appears the next possibility for a committee hearing will be in January of 2020. Our contract is one of a handful of items set for JCOER review, including the State Compensation Plan that covers a majority of state workers. There are politics at play in the background that continue to delay its scheduling. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated along the way.

In the meanwhile, it is time to make our voices heard. In our world, this is a fair contract that is long overdue and brings parity with our municipal and county counterparts. DSP, WLEA, DOT Secretary’s Office, DOA Division of Personnel Management acknowledged the significant pay inequities and was committed to solving this problem. The resulting tentative agreement provides for pay increases averaging 21.3% for State Troopers and Inspectors.

The agreement is now being reviewed on the legislative level. In their world, a 21.3% increase is significant and will be many times larger than any other classification seeking legislative approval. Without proper context, our contract will likely suffer negative scrutiny.

I am asking you (management included) to contact your state senator and representative to provide them hard data and the context that explains the proposed pay increase. It must be made clear that a 21.3% raise is not only defensible, but a critical investment in our agency’s public safety function.

1. Find your state legislator here.

2. Compose a letter, maybe on a word document. Use template provided here. Feel free to add/subtract to personalize your message. Include your name and address in your correspondence.

3. Prepare the attachment that includes charts/graphs of comparables to be attached to your emails. Download charts here.

4. Blind copy me (BCC), please… rzukowski@wisconsintrooper.org. I need to know which legislators have been contacted…this is important to our lobbying effort. If you don’t want to copy me on the actual email, that is totally fine. Send me separate email letting me know who you contacted and when.

5. Email your State Senator.

6. Email your State Representative.

7. Encourage family and friends to contact their legislators on our behalf.

8. Our law enforcement partners can also advocate for us. If you have a personal relationship with an officer/deputy/chief/sheriff in your area that would contact their state senator and/or representative in support of our contract, please reach out to that person and ask them to do so. Email me general details of these commitments so we are aware of potentially supportive contacts of legislators from outside WSP.

9. Lastly, the intent of these letters is to inform our elected officials of our cause and request their help and support. If we offend them, our cause is lost. Please be civil and smart with your communications. Remember you are representing all of us at the WSP and we need this contract to pass. This is an emotional topic for all of us, and it’s fine to be passionate, but negativity, criticism and vulgarity will do more harm than good.

Ryan Zukowski

Wisconsin Troopers Association

Executive Director


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