Bargaining Update (6/29/19)

I am happy to announce that our members have ratified the tentative agreement for the 2017-2019 contract. It was an overwhelming majority that approved it. I thank everyone for their understanding and commitment in having it finalized and voted on in such a short period of time. This agreement will hopefully bring us up to the same level as our peers in this state, and surrounding states. Furthermore it has brought down barriers within our own agency, especially those between Troopers and Inspectors. This tentative agreement showed the commitment of our command staff, lead by Superintendent Burrell, to change the culture of our agency. The new ideology of treating all of our members with dignity and respect will be at the forefront of this agency. This is a Herculean task, but it is a shared goal on both sides of labor and management. Many have been wondering what the next steps will look like for our tentative agreement. This will follow the same track as our other contracts. It will still need to be ratified by our legislature. The WLEA, WTA, and the WSP will be working hard to get it to the finish line. Thank you all,

Daniel Restrepo

WLEA Vice-President

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