Bargaining Update (4/12/19)

We had been scheduled to meet with the state to hear their counter offer to our last contract requests on April 15th. The bargaining team worked hard and was able to submit the proposals to the state several weeks before that date like they had requested. This was meant to expedite the process.

I received a phone call from the state lead negotiator yesterday. He told me that they would not be ready with a counter on the 15th. In fact he wanted to push back our next bargaining date to April 30th.

I have indicated to them that I would like them to email their ideas to us before then so we can make more progress on that day. Up to this date the state has not given a financial offer other then the 2/2%. There seems to be some confusion about offers that were made. The bargaining team had shown the state what other agencies had made, and the state said it was considering it. We did not turn down more money, we only made an official offer.

The ball is in the states court, I still believe they need to wow us.

Chad Thompson

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