Voting Update

All votes have been counted as of Thursday, August 9th. These are the results; 249 of 358 votes were cast. 119 votes were cast for 1 hour of dues increase to include legal defense fund, 100 votes for 1.75 hours dues increase for FOP full labor services, and 15 votes for 1 hour dues increase with no FOP services. 15 votes abstained from voting for a preference. Sadly, 109 people decided not to participate in the voting process. Two separate reminders were sent out to members as reminders to submit ballots. Everyone had an opportunity to make their wishes felt.

The voting demonstrates clear support for FOP services in general. We will move forward at this point with acquiring the legal defense services package from FOP. Considering the amount of apathy present in the workplace at this time, I am pleased with the percentage of our members that chose to participate in having a say in the direction this union will pursue for the future. It will take a few weeks to process the forms to get the legal defense services in place. We will keep you informed about the process progression.

On July 27, 2018, our former attorney Sally Stix submitted her letter of resignation and retirement to our board of directors. I am pleased to announce that we are in the process of entering a 6 month trial period for new legal representation for WLEA. Our new attorney is Christopher Macgillis of Macgillis Weimer LLC. Effective immediately, Chris will be participating in our current bargaining process as well as acting on our current grievance process. We have steward training scheduled for October 16, 2018. Chris will participate in the instruction of the new stewards as well as updating any current stewards wishing to have a refresher.

Respectfully Yours,

Tracy Fuller

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