Bargaining Update (2/15/18)

The WLEA bargaining team met with the state on January 31, 2018. We continued conversations in regards to language changes in the contract. With the changeover of the DOT into the new building at Hill Farms there are no additional meetings scheduled at this time. I anticipate dates being set up to meet again as March rolls around. When those dates are set up they will be posted to the WLEA website.

We all saw the email from Secretary Ross in regards to the non rep comp plan and the 2% raises. There has been no talk of financials with the state so far for us. In part this was due to the non rep plan not being in place. Mainly though it has just been the amount of work that needs to be taken care of before we get to the icing on the cake. I would urge all of you to pay attention to the mention of how the raise requires a satisfactory evaluation. This was a requirement in the last contract that was negotiated by the WLEA for our pay adjustment as well.

The informational meetings with FOP are coming up in the near future. I encourage you to attend one of the sessions to get answers on how the FOP can help us. One of the main selling points for the FOP to me, in addition to contract assistance, is the Legal Defense Fund. The LDF through FOP has been used by a number of our fellow officers across the country. We work in a fast paced high liability profession. I see the LDF as a low cost insurance policy to help protect me from personal loss that could occur from simply doing my job.

I intend on being at the three sessions along with Tracy. I hope to see you there. If you cannot make one of the meetings feel free to send me an email at with questions. We will put answers to those questions on the WLEA website or I will respond personally.

Chad Thompson

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